Hutches multiply like rabbits

This was made last year after we ended up having a litter (or two) of baby rabbits.  As they got older, the males and females had to be separated.  So, I had to make a couple more rabbit hutches.  We have managed to home most of them, but still have two left from the last … Read more

Just added – North Star Rabbitry

After much procrastinating, we finally set up the Facebook page to promote our daughter’s rabbitry, North Star Rabbitry.  North Star Rabbitry raises Jersey Wooly rabbits, a dwarf angora breed.  There are currently 4 baby rabbits, a.k.a. kittens, available.  They are 8 weeks old and ready to go to a loving family. We are pretty sure 3 of them are show quality, but they would all make great pets. If anyone is interested, please leave a message on the North Star Rabbitry Facebook site or send a message on Facebook.  North Star Rabbitry is currently in the Montgomery, Alabama area.

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Custom Indoor Rabbit Hutch

I love my wife.  She has such a loving and nurturing nature that it comes as no surprise when she texts me that the breeder, who we got our Jersey Wooly rabbit from, has a buck she would like to send to a good home.  Not for free of course…  And knowing me, and how much I love and understand my wife, I acquiesce and tell her to go ahead and bring him home.  

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Past projects – custom rabbit hutch

This year I built a custom rabbit hutch for my daughter, who is the proud owner of a beautiful dwarf, jersey wooly rabbit.  The rabbit hutch is solid wood with two levels, connected by a ramp, and the doors open for full access.

custom wood rabbit hutch

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