Hutches multiply like rabbits

This was made last year after we ended up having a litter (or two) of baby rabbits.  As they got older, the males and females had to be separated.  So, I had to make a couple more rabbit hutches.  We have managed to home most of them, but still have two left from the last … Read more

Easy Wood Crate for Disc Golf Discs

Here is a project I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while.  Building a wood crate for my disc golf disc collection. I enjoy disc golf and have amassed quite a collection of discs.  I’ve been keeping nearly my entire collection of discs in a cardboard box in the back of my car.  My … Read more

Entryway Bench – part3 (un)finished

Finally finished the entryway bench!  Leveling it was a chore, but only the close observer will be able to tell what I did.  Because of the imperfections that I know are there, I think I will paint this instead of applying stain.   Kevin

Entryway Bench – part 2

Well, after some consultation (i.e. posting on, I made some changes to my original design.  They are actually good changes, too.  Check it out:

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Entryway bench

The entryway in my house is kind of small.  But, like most entryways, it still gets cluttered with shoes.  So, this weekend’s project: make an entryway bench with a shoe rack.  Since I don’t have the materials on hand, I’ve been playing around with Sketchup and came up with some different designs.  I posted on to get some design feedback and the one on the right seems to be the one folks like.  You can check out the post here.

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